A Fashion Passion that all started with a Purple Corduroy Blazer. Welcome to the blog of Amy and Jennifer, Sisters and Style Bloggers!

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September 8, 2015

Amy and Jennifer invite you to join them in their stylistic journey…and to find YOUR Purple Blazer!

Q & A with J & A

J: Well, sis, I guess it’s time for me to share my fashion crystal ball with the world…you!!! I’m telling you what people, my sister Amy is amazing!!!! She has ALWAYS been 6 months to a year ahead of fashion. She has this way of WEARING clothes. I have always told her that she can make anything, and I mean anything look good! You all might think I am biased because she’s my big sis, but I’m telling you, she is fashiontastic! I always ask her 50 million questions (I like asking my questions) about clothes and for her to dress me.   And, I guess I need to stop being selfish and share her shining spirit and sense of style with all of you out there! And if I’m not mistaken, I do believe it all started with a purple blazer right sis?

A: Okay, well, Jennifer, you are definitely biased, but THANK YOU! And, yes, my passion all began on my Golden 6th Birthday with a purple corduroy blazer. I wanted three things, a banana seat bike, a Monchhichi doll and that blazer! I remember putting it on with a pair of medium wash boot cut jeans and a white tee and thinking to myself that I looked like a college girl. Isn’t that funny?

J: That’s HILARIOUS!!!!!! So what you’re telling me is that you’ve been amazing since you were 6?

A: Hahaha. Well, if the shoe fits…and I’m always finding ones that do!

J: You and your shoes….anyway…you were gifted with a sense of style and I with the ability to ask “hard-hitting” questions…let’s put it to use! Now that 20 miles instead of 1600 separates us, I am going to grill you monthly for help! I want style guidance and answers from my favorite fashion plate!

A: High five sister!


Asking the “hard-hitting” questions…



Modeling is HARD...

Modeling is HARD…


...being sisters is easy!

…being sisters is easy!




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