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December 3, 2018

A: Okay, so we thoroughly enjoy the whole Black Friday and Christmas season shopping experience..mostly because we score sweet deals for ourselves…Lol, kidding, kind of sort of…alright not really! Sometimes though, the whole “what should I wear; I want to be comfortable, but stylish, etc.” takes up more time than necessary. Depending on the notoriously unpredictable weather (in the Midwest), I’ll (personally) be left with the decision to either pile on layers or freeze all day…or start out freezing and end up sweating 🤷. You just never know…the struggle is real 😜. Regardless, I prefer to be comfortable and at least somewhat stylish! You know what I’m saying?!

J:  Ummmm…yeah, funny because it’s true (I end up with A TON of stuff) and the struggle is more than real!  At least I’m getting to the point where I don’t look as ‘political’ as Phoebe does when I try to transform my outfits or figure out what to wear!

A: Hahaha…well you know, designers are making it trendy to wear your views on politics on everything from hats to your tees to smack dab on your booty. AND, oh my gosh, Joey with the whole, “my hand’s right here/I’m not touching you thing”, TOTALLY you and Chad on like every road trip/vacation we ever took as kids! Poor Mom and Dad! 🤪

J:😂  You crack me up!  So true!  And in regards to posting political views on my backside…I think that’s a fad that you and I will both pass on!

A: Fo Sho! Let’s share a few easy swaps one can make to feel a little chicer while shopping…or standing in line…

J: Just so you know sis, just standing next to you in line makes me feel chicer…no swapping necessary 😘!

A: Okay, this look seems to be a go-to..and that’s totally FINE! No judgement is being placed. I mean this is what I wear while teaching cardio every week (minus the hat and scarf); so I’ve run many an errand wearing athletic leggings, tennis shoes and a hoodie! That being said, I can make a few simple swaps and be just as (if not more) comfortable, PLUS feel stylish…which for me also means a more confident and GOOD MOOD, too 😊!

J: You’re right sis…this is such a universal go-to!  And if it’s what makes you comfy, go for it…and trust me, I used to.  But I’m telling you what, not only have you taught me so much about the art of the swap…you are once again right about the comfort factor.  I seriously am WAY more comfy (and like you, confident) in my velvet legging and slides than my tights and running shoes!

A: Trade a ball cap for a cute bucket hat or fedora. I find either of these options to be easier to see around than ball caps, they look more polished and they definitely leave fewer lines in your hair. Keep the scarf (unless you’re a little turkey and live where it’s still warm –JENN!)…it’s an easy layer to add or remove and it definitely provides warmth! Swap your long sleeve tee, thermal or t-shirt (whatever you’ve layered under your hoodie) for a crew neck sweatshirt with a fun message or a structured flannel over a cami. Camis make it easier for trying on all types of tops (as you can just leave them on). Baby, it’s cold outside, so layer the look with a great leather jacket (again, you turkeys can skip this suggestion)…they’re warm enough for running in and out of stores, but light enough that you won’t swelter once you’re inside. Ditch the athletic leggings for a pair of joggers or pretty velvet leggings and your running shoes for a sleeker option…like those suede addidas or a cute slip-on style! Voila’! You’re super comfy, chic and ready to snag those sales! 🙌

J: And let’s not forget the ball cap headache factor!  I have to give credit to the men…how they can wear ball hats all day and not get a headache is mega impressive.  No matter how loose I put mine, I ALWAYS end up with a headache, and hathead, and limited vision…just an all-around unhappy head lol!!  The fedora not only looks good, but feels good 😂.  And gobble gobble sissy…as much as I miss you (with all my heart), I do NOT miss the freezing/sweltering dilemma of dressing for shopping back home!


A: I can’t wait for you to come home in a few weeks so I can hug you!

J: AND so we can hit the after Christmas sales 😂!!!

A: But of course! Cute clothes or not, Jenn, we always have…

A: & J: So much FUN! 💜

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Sara Ross says:

    This is the PERFECT message for this season! I find myself always wanting to be comfortable when it’s cold outside! Thanks Amy and Jennifer! Love your blog!❤️

  2. mypurpleblazer says:

    Thank you for reading, Sara! We appreciate your love and support and agree…comfy is key! 😘

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