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Avant What?

October 12, 2018

Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired by them.  My question to you is this…how IN THE WORLD do you get inspiration from the Avant-Garde runway and catalog looks???  If I tried to pull off those looks I’d have about as much luck as Ross at NOT looking like doody! ?

Amy: Hahaha! I can always count on you for a good belly laugh! Editorial looks are all about fantasy and art taking the form of fashion. I understand why women look at those images and think they’re crazy, but I enjoy drawing inspiration from them…deciding what it is I do like/find interesting (about the image) and then creating a look that is ready to wear.  BUT, sometimes I’ve got nothin’. ?

J: Two things…Editorial? UMMM…I JUST learned what avant-garde is and was proud of myself for using it. ? And…I TOTALLY don’t believe that you would ever have NOTHING!!

A: Here I am, laughing out loud again! For those of us not in the industry of high fashion, the terms (editorial and avant-garde) might as well be interchangeable…over the top fashion that we would never consider street wearable. Occasionally, I’ll see an editorial look that knocks my socks off…one that I’d wear head to toe…like this suit by Armani…

J: So it would knock off the one article of clothing that I would know how to wear, lol!!!  And you could totally rock that suit! Case in point, you see things and could rock it. Now show me something that even you couldn’t be inspired by!

A: So, this…definitely no desire to lasso this look.  #overthetopnotmoon ?

J: UMMM…yeah….there are no words…

A: Right?! But, this monochromatic look in red inspired me to pair my wine colored suit with a floppy hat in the same shade! While camo and animal prints are huge right now, so is wearing shades of red nearly head to toe. I have to say, I dig the whole monochromatic thing, it feels effortlessly stylish! Trying to pose like her though? Lol, not so easy! ?



J: You totally nailed it though…the pose AND the look!

A: Although I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for years, I don’t have a white blazer and wearing a necktie isn’t my thing…feels like I’m trying too hard whenever I attempt to style one. But, I do have this fun vest and beautiful silk scarf, so I’m still able to accomplish the clean, chic look of white on white with a pretty pop of color!


J: Yet another point-in-case that you are a crystal ball…I know that you have been wanting a structured white blazer forever and here one is featured as the new hot piece!

A: When I saw this next look, I immediately thought of your metallic vest and those fabulous boots you snagged for Christmas last year. All over metallic is better left to disco balls! YOU, however, look fashion-forward and fabulous using black basics as your canvas…letting the vest and boots make your statement!

J: I have to admit…it took me a while to see the vision…as I was temporarily blinded by the glare off the look in the magazine pic.? But once I regained my vision and you pieced my look…I.  Fell.  In.  Love.  Even wore it to Costco last night…might have been a little overdressed…lol…but I still rocked it! ?

A: Okay, now see, YOU can nail a pose! As for Costco, you know they appreciated your shiny self! ? Seriously though, I’m so glad you like it…your clothes should absolutely help you feel great!


A: For your second look, I just dissected the patchwork and multicolored print of her look with pieces I knew you already had in your closet…patchwork jeans and a multicolored striped sweater. Adding your combat boots and that fun, funky hat maintained the playful, eclectic vibe they were going for!

J: You are a genius.  I don’t know why I would ever doubt you, but when I saw this look I wasn’t sure HOW you would make it “Jennifer-esque”!  But sure enough, you nailed it.  You even incorporated a sweater that I have never worn as I thought it was ‘old lady’.?  So amazing sis!  I love this look, too!  I get to wear my Russian hat and everything! ?

A: See! Ross wore the avant garde version ? …yours looks adorable!

J:  As always…I bow to my fashion genius.  Are you peeps jealous yet that I have such an amazing sister????

A: There you go putting my name and genius in the same sentence again…it’s some good comedy, girl! Really what I am is blessed and lucky that you’ve been so supportive and willing to help me share my ideas and cultivate this creative and fun little outlet…teaching yourself how to code and maintain this site…it’s not easy folks; and I can assure you if all the technical aspects were left up to me, this space we claim as ours on the web, would not be possible! Oh, and if you are reading this, thank you…thank you so very much! Because…

A: and J: We truly have so much fun! ?


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  1. Lisa Renee says:

    You gals look great in everything, but the only thing I would wear from this batch is the colorful sweater that Jen had originally thought was for old ladies (so maybe she was right – haha!)??? I think I would make a pretty cool granny in that look though!? Thanks for the ideas!

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