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Skirt On Over

September 7, 2018

Amy: So we took a little break because you left me (she moved to Tuscon y’all) and now it’s time to get to it again with regular posts!

Jennifer:  DANG IT!  You found me…JUST KIDDING!  I’ve missed you, and our blogging sessions so much…if people could only see and hear what transpires during these FaceTime sessions!!!  I need you and your fashion wielding magic back, sis.

A: Hahaha…true…about what transpires! But, you no longer need me to pick out great looks for you…maybe just help you discover the versatility living within your wardrobe!

J:  I’m kinda starting to maybe believe you…that, I’m no longer TOTALLY fashion backwards, Lol.  But YES, I could still up my versatility ability! You still amaze me with your abiltiy to create such different looks with the same piece…these videos you have been doing on FaceBook at the boutiques…crazy awesome!  I just don’t get how you can take one piece and create such  different looks.  Like that ball skirt at Carpe Chic

A: Ooohh…that skirt (click here similar option) is so much fun and far more versatile than one might think!

J:  Ummmm…I DEFINITELY don’t think the average girl would see that and think, oh what a versatile piece! I think the ball skirt is about as unexpected as Joey going to the Super’s-Ball lol!!   But I am glad you can see it, because that skirt…Is.  Awesome.

A: You are seriously hilarious and so is that episode! How does your brain log and categorize every single episode of Friends? It’s impressive…

J: I’m Rainman…

A: OH MY GOSH…You totally are!

(Insert us CRACKING UP!)

J: Okay…let’s see what you’ve got, sis!

A: Okay, but before I get started, I want to mention that these looks are always created in hopes of providing some inspiration. In other words, I never want to imply that you should duplicate every look. For example, you probably won’t have a sleeveless trench coat dress in your closet and that’s okay! You could pair a striped skirt with a long, tan cardigan that you do have in your closet! Maybe it’s the mixture of the khaki with the stripes that you enjoy…so grab a leopard print blouse and pair it with your stripes for a fun and fresh mix of prints! OR…maybe you don’t have a red sweater, but you do have a red t-shirt or a fun sweater in a different bold color…perfect, go for it! You get what I’m sayin’! ?

A: This is the face you make when your 11-year-old son/photographer tells you that you’re not giving the camera your all! ??? Hey, it was 95 degrees and I was sporting a sweater! ?

J: So G was able to channel his inner “Aunt Jennifer-ness” and told you to work the camera…That.  Is.  Awesome!!  And see how great the pic turned out??!

A: Hahaha…he sure was!

A: If you aren’t sure about pattern mixing, stick with like colors and you’ll be good to go!

J: Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to be scared of horizontal stripes…I think this short torsoed girl could even pull them off, Lol!!

A: You absolutely could!

A: Chambray, ladies, goes with EVERYTHING! Don’t care for sleeveless or a tie waist? Opt for a long sleeve button down, slouch your sleeves and flash your best grin. ?

A: Even something as simple as tucking in/not tucking in the same tank can create different lines and/or a different look!

J: You are a fashion genius…it amazes me the difference that something as simple as tucking or half-tucking a shirt can make!

A: I love you…you say things like genius and my name in the same sentence…this is why having a sister rocks! If our little brothers are reading this, you know FOR SURE they just got a good laugh out of that one! ?


J: Well, there’s no skirting around the fact that you are amazing, sis!  As always, you can take one piece and turn it into so many different looks.  I have missed you and our blog so much.  I love ya!

A: Thanks for being my biggest fan, babe. I love you more than all of my shoes and scotcharoos combined! We always have…

A: & J: So much fun!



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A: Okay, so we thoroughly enjoy the whole Black Friday…

Avant What?

Avant What?

Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired…



A: A girl can never have too many pair of jeans…well,…

2 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    So many great looks for just one skirt – love them all! (Would like the trench coat dress all by itself too!) Fun pictures (someone may have a promising career in photography).? Where is the sweater from?

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you, Lisa! ? Yes, the trench dress is super cute on its own…I like wearing it with white ankle boots…both from Target. The sweater is from Express and is comfy and can be worn off the shoulder, too. Lol, I’ll pass the compliment on to Griffin, he’ll appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend! ?

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