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February 23, 2018

A: A girl can never have too many pair of jeans…well, at least not this girl!

J: This coming from the girl who despised them as a child ???.

A: Yes, that’s so true! Jeans that fit me properly as a kid were always high-waters. Ugh…they didn’t make them with the genius elastic adjusters in the waist like they do now.

J: Griffin TOTALLY has it much easier than you did!!

A: That’s no joke! Poor kid has to pull those things so tight, but at least he’s not waiting for the flood to come in ?.  I do remember when my love for jeans began…I was in seventh grade and Aunt Diane gave me a pair of Guess indigo blue jeans with tiny white polka dots and zippers at the ankles! Those jeans rocked and were my original pair of skinny jeans ?.

J: Too funny! Well….you did lead me perfectly into my question for ya sis…now that we have covered how to wear jeans for the occurrence of a flood…how do you like to make a statement for different occasions with a great pair of jeans??

A: My favorite pair of statement jeans are from Show Me Your Mumu. They’re distressed, crazy wide legged, high-waisted and looong! My favorite way to style them is with a cropped top or graphic tee, comfy wedges and a fedora.

J: Those jeans rock sooooo much!!!  But you SO don’t have to worry about me stealing them, even though they don’t have an ink stain on the crotch ?

J: I can’t pull all of that length off, BUT I do have a pretty cool distressed pair that I’d like you to style!

A: Yay! I’m always excited by the chance to style you. And, true, those jeans would look ridiculous on you, but it’s cool because there are countless cuts and styles out there for all body types. Boyfriend jeans, for example, are a no-go for me.

J: True, your body looks too straight in them…(however, I would still like to argue the point that you could make even a garbage bag look good!!!)

A: Hmm…is that a challenge, Lol?! With your two-tone distressed jeans I would sport those awesome shiny, silver boots you received for Christmas with a cozy, slouchy  sweater!



?Jacob Mitchell

J:  I do love these amazingly shiny boots that Santa left me this year!  SO…I could totally wear this look to Walmart or for a fun lunch with some friends…but how about the kiddo’s conferences coming up? Could you pair the awesome Michael Kors bag that my amazing son got me for Christmas with a pair of jeans that would be dressy enough for the occasion?

A: Sure thing. He did a great job with that bag! I have always been a fan of shades of purple especially paired with gray. This year’s color of the year is ultra violet. Wear your lilac jeans with a pretty blouse, structured blazer and your suede gray pumps…you get to carry your new bag and participate in the purple trend! ? Or you could wear a pair of dark wash flares with a drapey top or blazer and a glam hat. Either way you’ll look both chic and professional!


?Jacob Mitchell

J: LOVE it!!!!  This outfit turned out as beautiful as the backdrop…HUGE thanks to Jacob for arranging this shoot with Lynne Gomez at the Hilton El Conquistador.  It was absolutely beautiful!  And the inspiration for my next question…how do you like to rock a great pair of jeans on a date night? I’m telling you sis, having a date night at the El Conquistador would be Ah-mazing!!

A: That was nice of them! Looks like Jay and I need to plan a trip back to AZ soon for a double date night!

J: UMMM…looks like Allegiant has some killer deals out of Belleville!!!!  HINT HINT!!!

A: Haha! Speaking of Jay, if I went with his favorite look (on me) it would include my olive green moto jeans from J. Crew with a tank, vintage leather jacket, a ball cap and his favorite boots…they’re one of my favorite pairs, too (they’re by Dolce Vita and are the epitome of cool comfort)!

J:  Sis, YOU are the epitome of cool!!!!  Anywho…for this sunny AZ girl, what would ya recommend???

A: It IS warm in AZ, so I’m saying black distressed jeans, an oversized blouse with sexy, strappy heels and the hat that you also picked up at Christmas…man Santa really was good to you! ?

J: Right?!?!?!  I LOVE me some Santa!!!  Seeing what he leaves is ALWAYS fabulous!!!


?Jacob Mitchell

A: For sure!

J: But just so you know sis…writing these posts with you is just as fabulous and is always…

A: SO much fun!


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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Beth says:

    I was so excited to see a new post and wasn’t disappointed – I LOVE these looks!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Aww…thank you!? We had a lot of fun writing this one and thanks to FaceTime, it makes it feel like we’re still in the same room while working on the post. ?

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    Nice to see you girls again! Especially like the look at the Hilton, and I’m kind of dying over the Dolce Vita boots!! They are sweet!? P.S. Loving your haircut too, Jen!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you! It felt great to post again after our holiday break ?. You should treat yourself to the boots…they are so comfortable and such a great and versatile color! I ordered them from Dolce Vita’s website. ? I’m loving Jenn’s cut, too…chic! ? Thanks again, Lisa! XO

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