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Leather, May I?

November 20, 2017

J:  So, sis I know you landed a pair of amazing Spanx leather leggings at the fall Nordstrom sale, then I’ve seen you rock them in a couple of pics that you showed me from your photo shoot with Rachel.  They.  Intimidate.  Me.  They scare me on multiple levels…1) how do I wear them without looking like I just shouldn’t be lol or 2) getting stuck in them like Ross ??

A: One of my two favorite episodes of all time! Seriously though, it’s still so hot where you are that this might be a possibility ?.

J:  Funny because it’s true!  Yes…it IS a legitimate concern!

A: Hmm…hahaha…well, steer clear of the lotion, girlie! Seriously though, you aren’t going to struggle once you put them on. They create the perfect blank slate.

J:  I love you sis ?!  I don’t have a black pair, but I have this wine colored pair that I scored at Target last year (click here for similar)…okay Shihan of Style…it’s FaceTime!

A: Love our virtual style sessions!

J: Thank goodness for technology!!!

A: Yes, thank goodness! Leather leggings are brilliant at adding edge to your look and can easily be dressed up or down.

A: In this case, I dressed them up with my favorite Dolce Vita heels, a silver metallic crop jacket (The Buckle) (click here for similar) and a quail tunic by Lush (available at Nordstrom…visit our ‘Your Closet Wants‘ page for shopping links).

A: Or pair them with a simple white tee (American Eagle) for running errands or lunch with a girlfriend ?.

?: Jacob Mitchell

A: For a look that’s pretty, grab a sweater in an unexpected color (Express)(click here for similar). Pair it with neutral peep-toe booties (Forever 21) (click here for similar) and a statement bag like this suede fringe one by Patricia Nash (Macy’s) (click here for similar).

?: Jacob Mitchell

A: Feeling a bit more rebellious? Combat boots (Kohl’s) and statement tops are having a moment! This shirt from (American Eagle) is so comfy. Bonus…this shade of green against the wine leggings is a stylish way to wear holiday colors without being obvious ?.

?: Jacob Mitchell

A: Speaking of trending tops…enter the long sleeve crop top (American Eagle)! Layered over a black cami and paired with a statement watch and heels (Jessica Simpson) you are date night gone right! ?

J: SPANX a lot sis for helping ease my leather fears!  Leather, may I…yes I may, LOL!!

A:  Listening to you be a spaz is always…




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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    Loving ALL these looks, from the ? to the funky ?s to the perfect ?s!!! These looks seem different and fun. Thanks, girls!?

  2. Beth says:

    Now that I finally quit laughing at the Friends clip…..you girls really know how to put the pieces together. So many cool looks!!

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