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Moccasin Monday

October 9, 2017

J:  Sooooo….I couldn’t shake the Grandma Williams memories after our Expectedly Unexpected post, AND you sent me the link to the moccasins I referenced.  So, needless to say I HAD to buy them.  Shocker right?!?!?!

A: Shockwaves could be felt across the nation. ?

J: ?. Well, little did YOU know Mocassin Monday was in your future!  I thought it would be fun to get us BOTH a pair and challenge you to style them…without looking like Grandma.  I love Grandma…but I don’t want to dress exactly like her, lol!!  I ordered us both a pair and they arrived on a Monday…challenge presented!

A: It really was so sweet of you to do this! I cried when I opened the package…happy tears as I thought of Grandma wearing these shoes, coloring and playing Old Maid with us.

J: I think your wearing them for the first time on Dad’s birthday was the best present idea ever! And I think I’ll totally be able to run in them unlike Joey and his boat shoes!

A: Awesome clip! And, nope, they definitely don’t stink like Joey’s! In fact they’re so comfortable and I received compliments on them, too. Dad got such a kick out of the fact that I was wearing them and when I showed him a picture of you wearing them too, his face truly glowed!

J: Wish I could’ve been there.

A: Me, too. This long distance thing is hard…thank goodness for Face Time!

J: Right?!!!

A: I know you like my, ‘I won’t buy it unless I can style it three ways’ rule, so I created three very different looks for us both…so technically SIX looks to pull inspiration from!

J:  You.  Are.  Awesome!  And I am glad you kept my legs bare even though it’s technically fall.  It’s still in the 90’s here in the land of the sun.  Hate to rub it in your face…but…it rocks ?.  Jacob (Jacob Mitchell, you and your pics ROCK) was kind enough to try NOT to rub it in by taking my pics at night.  LOL!!  Sorry if you and Rachel were a bit chilly at all during your shoot. HEHE!  Although there is nothing chilly about how awesome Rachel Holden Photography pics turned out (I miss you my beautiful friend!)  Anywho….show me what ya got sis!

A:  I know you prefer to ease into things, so to start I paired them with black bottoms…me in my favorite leggings by Spanx and you in black American Eagle distressed cutoffs.  Every girl should own this staple…a black bottom that makes them feel amazing.  Here our mocassins add edge to our staple pieces!

?: Rachel Holden Photography

?: Jacob Mitchell

A: To take it up a notch, I had us each add some texture and color to our looks.  I chose to add my Calvin Klein sequin blazer for texture and my olive green jeans for color (ladies, olive is a neutral so don’t be afraid to throw it into your mix).  I had you add your silver puffer vest for texture and an Express red tank and clutch for that extra pop of color! The green in my jeans meshes so well with the Aztec vibe of the shoe without going full western.  And, the red in your tank highlights the cool bead detail of the shoe.

?: Rachel Holden Photography

?: Jacob Mitchell

J:  Talk about JUXTAPOSITION!  YES!!  Look at the correct use of that word!…Right???  Anywho, I am still amazed at what a science fashion is…you are too good sis!

A:  You used it correctly, but PLEASE don’t call fashion science…then I might shy away from it…HAHAHA!  So to top off the ‘challenge’ I went for total juxtaposition and dressed up the moccasin…literally…with a Fabletics dress for my look and for you a fun and funky colorful skirt!

?: Rachel Holden Photography

?: Jacob Mitchell

J:  As always sis, this grasshopper is blown away!  I think you have completely eliminated my fear of dressing exactly like Grandma while wearing these shoes.  BUT, remembering her and wearing her shoes for Moccasin Monday has been…



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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    My Grandma wore moccasins just like these too!?? ❤️ I’m surprised to see them look so amazing in ALL of the looks. Who knew our Grandmas were ahead of their fashion time – haha! These pics are fabulous. (I’m thinking it’s the gorgeous subjects!)??‍♀️? So, what is the brand of these moccasins please so I can snag me a pair??

  2. Paula Lucore says:

    I have always loved moccasins! They really never go out of style and clearly can be worn by fashionistas of any age (thanks Grandma.)

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