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Expectedly Unexpected

August 7, 2017

J: So, sis…now that I’m back to living in the land of the sun…what pieces do I need (Subtle hint…check out our Your Closet Wants page)?  And more importantly, how do I wear them without looking like every other girl? You know, I tend to be predictable, wear things the expected way.  I do feel like I am getting better, but I still need inspiration.

A: You used to play it safe, but you’ve become really good at mixing your pieces up to create fresh looks! That being said, it’s always fun to play dress up, dish about ways to change things up and maximize the versatility in a piece.

J:  You have the amazing ability to make anything look different and unexpected…something that I am still trying to master!

A: I came up with a few pieces that tend to lend to expected looks. That doesn’t mean the ‘expected’ looks aren’t stylish or cute…it’s just fun to accept your challenge to mix things up ?.

J: So, what did you pick to remix?!

A: I thought we could talk about off the shoulder dresses since they’re trending in a major way, cut-offs because they’re classic, pencil skirts because I think every woman should own one, muscle tees because they’re fun and metallic, silver slides because we receive a lot of compliments on them ?.

J:  Sounds perfect…now go play dress-up!!

A: This off the shoulder pinstripe dress from Express is currently on sale for $39.99 plus an additional 40% off! Crazy! Anyway, it’s cute with a pair of pretty wedges and a simple tassel necklace, but for something a bit more unexpected, try wearing it as a shirt over your favorite pair of jeans. Add a fedora and black heels or sandals to add some contrast to the look! (p.s. Don’t forget to check out our ‘Your Closet Wants’ page for links to similar pieces!)

J: Woa…is that MY sister talking sales???  Maybe I’m starting to rub off on you, too!!!  Have I pulled a “Chandler” and imparted wisdom??

A: You DEFINITELY have! So, who doesn’t love a great pair of cut-offs (American Eagle)? They’re a true classic. This graphic muscle tee (Kohl’s) and our favorite metallic silver slides by Sperry make for a cute go-to daytime look. For something unexpected, I swapped the tee for a light weight blouse (Express), left the bottom few buttons undone to create the half-tuck, grabbed my favorite peep-toe booties (Chinese Laundry) and topped it all off with this super affordable hat from Target!

J:  Ahh…the half tuck!!!  Possibly one of the BEST tricks I have learned from you!  Who knew something so simple could add so much interest to your look?!

A: I agree! I also believe there is a perfect pencil skirt out there for every woman. They are so versatile and chic. They pair easily with a pretty blouse and pumps, but are fashion forward with the graphic muscle tee and slides from before! ?

J:  How sad is it that before we started this amazingly fun journey of ours, I didn’t even know what a pencil skirt was?  Had you said that to me two years ago (seriously…I can’t believe we’ve been doing this that long already!!!) I would have asked…”Umm…A skirt that is yellow with some sort of eraser as an accessory????” My oh my, how much I’ve grown, lol!!!

A:  You crack me up! Your style has evolved so much…It’s been cool to watch! And last, for fun, because that’s what this is really all about, I threw in a crop top muscle tee by Nike. I dig the old school logo on this top (purchased at Scheels) and while it’s perfect to wear with my work sweats…how much fun is it with the booties and pencil skirt?!

J:  AND what an amazing excuse to show off your killer abs!!!
Sad for me, this awesome crop top hits me about mid-thigh as I inherited Grandma Williams’ non-existent waist-line!!!  Well, at least I didn’t inherit her love of white, beaded leather moccasins…although…you could probably teach me to rock those somehow, too, lol!!!!

A: Hahaha…she did love those shoes…new challenge accepted ?.

J: As always sis, you didn’t disappoint and delivered on my challenge! How lucky am I to have a fashion crystal ball for my big sis???

A:  Man, you’re making me blush with all the compliments. It’s not even my birthday ?!

J:  Sis, I know I did, but did you have…



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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    What a sweet pinstripe dress, that looks equally cool as a shirt! Also loving the flannel with the cutoffs and booties. (Will leave the cut-off tees to you young gals!) Looking forward to seeing what’s happening with sweaters and boots this fall.?

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you, Lisa! I think you need to come aboard as a guest model…I’ll have you rocking a crop top in no time ???.

  2. Sara Ross says:

    Another awesome article to get me thinking of ways to be more “unpredictable”. Love you girls and all of this great advice!?

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