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June 9, 2017

A: So it’s my turn to quiz you!

J: Umm…not sure I signed on for this direction of questioning, lol!!!

A: Trust me, this is totally your thing. I want to quiz you about your favorite past-time!

J: So bargain shopping or lying in the sun?

A: Fair question, but definitely bargain shopping! You score incredible deals on items, not just online, but in store, too! What tips can you share? Do you make friends with the associates and use their discounts, Lol?! Do you always hit the clearance rack first? And what’s your most impressive score…this week?!

J: Sorry, I’m trying to stop laughing long enough to type/answer…because one of those questions is soooo funny because it’s true!!!

A: Hahaha… so no question mark was needed?

J: Nope! Gotta say it at least once every blog…you know me too well, sis!  I literally just got off of the phone with Von Maur asking to speak with Tracy or Joe from the shoe department…wait…is this funny or sad…

A: Neither…it’s completely and totally AWESOME!

J: So, I guess, like you, I do have a process…and it’s kinda like a good work-out routine.  Painful in the beginning, but becomes second nature and so worth the benefits once you get the hang of it.

A: I live for a great workout…literally…so lay it on me!

J: Okay…I guess I can handle this…being on the other end of the Q and A thing. HOWEVER, you asking me about my most impressive score is like me asking you to pick ONE look for a piece in your wardrobe…virtually impossible!

A: Ummm, yeah, not possible, but a great analogy because I’m totally relating now. What do you typically do first when you have your eye on something? And I guess shame on me for not asking you this before (for our readers)…I always just say, “Hey, Jenn, what’s the best price you can find for me on this?”

J: First…I always look at my Shopular app, the store’s website and Retailmenot for coupons…I also look to see if the store has a perks program, or a discount for signing up for their emails.  If they do…sign me up.  I understand that not everyone likes all the junk mail, so my tip would be to set up a dedicated email for just these kinds of things…store emails, discount emails, rewards programs and things like this.   I also look to see if the store is on Ebates…every one MUST use Ebates!  It’s such a fabulous thing!  (Click this link https://www.ebates.com/r/JLPETE56, sign up and receive a $10 bonus!)  I’ve ‘made’ over $200! Although Clint tells me I haven’t really made anything…I disagree, lol!!  Another trick, see if the store has their own app (can you say Target Cartwheel??).  Most do, and most will have discounts for shopping through their app.  Ask if the store ‘price matches’ if another retailer has it cheaper, but you also have a coupon to the store you’re in…that way you stack the savings!  Also, check into which credit card would be best for you (and PAY IT OFF every month).  I am soooo not recommending you run up credit card debt.  I am a firm believer in only spending what you can afford. What I AM recommending is getting the most bang for your buck.  I, for example, primarily use my Southwest Visa Card…we live far away and travel a lot so, the flight points are HUGE for us. However, there are a few store cards that I also utilize because of their amazing sign-up bonuses, discounts and perks (AE, Victoria Secret, Ulta and Justice are a few good ones)…so like I said…you have to be willing to do a little work! WOW.  I can totally ramble about this kind of stuff forever…

A: That’s fantastic though and it’s also great, doable advice! And I am so thankful that you turned me on to Ebates because I’ve definitely made cash back on items I would be purchasing anyway. What about the sale rack thing? I’m impatient when it comes to sifting, but I’m pretty certain you hit it up first. (Believe it or not the two of us rarely get to physically shop together.)

J: YES…I ALWAYS hit the sale and clearance racks first!!!  I channel my inner Monica and dive in!


A: Oh my gosh, definitely one of my favorite episodes! That would so be us with the whistle and tackling…bahaha!

J: Right?! Here is an example of this week’s finds…Original costs: American Eagle Shirt: $29.95, American Eagle Shorts: $49.95 and New Balance shoes from VonMaur: $64.95 for a total of $144.85.  What I paid….drumroll…shirt: $7.19, shorts: $20.48 and shoes: $29.00 for a total of $56.67!!  I saved 61%, plus earned $1.00 through Ebates, plus earned enough for 20% off of a future AE purchase AND points on my SW Visa…not too shabby.

A: Holy freaking Cow! That’s amazing…like truly! Also, I want those shoes, too, please and thank you! (BTW…lots of times she’ll just purchase a pair in my size assuming I’ll want them, too and of course I always do. ?)

J: And I totally do recommend making friends with the sales clerks…the friendlier you are to them, the more they’ll help you out (i.e. honor expired coupons, hook you up on price adjustments, and let you know when a future sale “might” be happening as well as holding a piece for you just in case it does happen…)

A: Yeah, those are sweet perks and really all you have to do is smile, be nice and grateful…things we should already be doing in our daily interactions.

J: Exactly! Last tips…always keep your receipts and NEVER, NEVER be afraid of the price adjustment, lol!

A: As in don’t be afraid to ask for one?

J: Yep! And, keep your purse organized (ahem, Amy)…use one envelope to keep receipts in (and alphabetize them) and another for your coupons (once again alphebetize).  And like mom taught us, NEVER, NEVER pay full price for anything!

A: No doubt there! I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything in my closet. Sigh…I guess I’ll go organize my purse now.

J: Yeah, I’m gonna need proof on that last part.

A: Hehe. Seriously though, that was a wealth of knowledge and now that I see how much you really put in to this, I’ll start pulling my weight…

J: Hahahaha…you’ll totally still text me, but it’s all good, ’cause I’m never going to stop asking you my own twenty questions…fashion related or otherwise!

A: True! It’s an even swap. Plus, it’s always…

A: and J: So Much Fun! ?


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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Beth says:

    So many great tips! I definitely need a separate email for the stores….

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    That was a heap of information, Jenn! I definitely always head to the sales racks, but haven’t thought too much about all the other stuff (didn’t even know about most of it). Can you just be my personal assistant and stay on top of all this for me please?! = ) Seriously, thanks for the tips!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Sure thing, Lisa…hopefully this means you’re willing to move and be my new neighbor ?! Definitely take advantage of the ebates link…you’ll receive a $10 check! Super easy and it’s free money!

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