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Little Black Shirt

May 21, 2017

J: So…I know that the cold shoulder and off the shoulder looks are totally on trend right now…so you snagged me this pretty little number for our news segment. I ended up loving it and you helped me realize how versatile a (to me) not so versatile looking piece can be.

A: Exactly…this little black shirt could easily become as much of a wardrobe staple as your favorite LBD!

J: Speaking of wardrobe staples…pretty soon you need to tell me what else my closet wants this summer, my pocket book is getting restless! Anywho…I feel like I have picked up a few tricks of your trade, but I still seem to be struggling with how to make this shirt not look ‘pretty’ or ‘girly’. How do I edge it up? How can I make it look “stop eatin’ hot?”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhpH8dFZ_ho&feature=youtu.be

A: Man you’re good! You had to ask me where your keys were, but you can literally quote, verbatim, every episode of Friends…it’s awesome. And no worries, I”ll be working on updating our ‘Your Closet Wants’ page this week, so there will be plenty of inspiration for you and your pocket book.

J: Gee thanks!!! And, funny because it’s true (about the whole quoting Friends).

A: The looks you’ve created with this top are great, to give it some edge let’s grab a cute cap and your “pajama” shorts (because I know you find those challenging to style past 7AM).

The shirt (Target $22.99) appears less dressed up and more casual with these super soft shorts also from Target ($17.99) and sandals (Not Rated $32). Adding the ball cap (which Jenn wears to support Levi when showing his cow…and yes it’s okay to laugh because we are, too!) and leather accessories (Beadworks by Sara Ross) toughen up the look even more.

On the flip side, this shirt really is so pretty, especially paired with this scalloped hem skirt from Von Maur ($7…nope not a typo)! Basic black pumps keep this look ready for work, church or a graduation celebration!

White tennis shoes + blush shorts + an off the shoulder top = One triple trending trio! (shoes: Addidas Superstars $45 Von Maur – Clearance Room) (Shorts: Eunina High Rise Cut Off Shortie from Von Maur $38)

Your closet definitely wants a great denim skirt (Target $22.99)! The Jessica Simpson Pumps ($24) add a perfect pop of color. Top the look off with a shimmery headband (American Eagle $9.99) and you’re “stop eatin’ hot”! Lol!

J: Thank you for playing dress up sis!!! SO much fun!!!


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A: Okay, so we thoroughly enjoy the whole Black Friday…

Avant What?

Avant What?

Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired…

Skirt On Over

Skirt On Over

Amy: So we took a little break because you left…

4 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    This top is so pretty with the skirt, necklace and black pumps (if you are finding $7 skirts, I want to start shopping with you)! Love the fun look with the jean skirt and colorful pumps too. Guess I need to start displaying my freckled shoulders!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      ? You are welcome to shop with us any time…Jenn is truly the master at scoring those sweet deals ?! Check out American Eagle, too, for an off the shoulder top, they have a ton right now and at great prices, too. ?

  2. Sara Ross says:

    Love this blog!!! I love every look you out with this top. You girls are amazing!

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