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Velvet Vibes

November 8, 2016

J:  So…I’ve been feeling the uncontrollable urge to wear and buy velvet lately.  Of course my fashion crystal ball of a sis has had a velvet blazer for what Amy, three years now????

A:  Haha. Yes, I’ve been wearing one the past few winters. We’ll break it out today!

J: We seriously need to go on record one of these days and just have you list all of the things you want or are wearing, then our readers will see first hand that you truly are a fashion forecaster. Anywhooooo…so, you know me, and my questions…I am wanting to wear velvet but how do I channel my inner Prince without looking like Phoebe wearing Santa’s pants?


A: Much like leather and suede, velvet has really come a long way! It was heavier and didn’t always flow with the body well. That’s no longer the case. You’ll see quickly that these pieces are light weight, comfortable and are easy to wear.

J:  You’re so right. The other fear I had was that velvet pieces would be a one trick pony…will you show me how to style the pieces in more than one way?

A: Absolutely! Let’s start with the blazer. For those who aren’t sure how they would like to participate in this trend, a well-fitted blazer is a great choice. Throw on jeans and layer it over your favorite blouse for a look that feels more polished than trendy.


A: If you’re digging this trend, like Jenn, have fun with it! Go all out with a super cute tank (from American Eagle) AND boots in crushed velvet!


J: Speaking of all in…no material scares you huh sis??  You are so rocking this!

A: Yeah, I’m totally feeling this velvet romper from Express with your same DSW blue boots…too fun!


J: Okay, but seriously, that piece is a one hit wonder though. Right?!  Surely your rule of 3 (you have to be able to wear it three different ways in order to buy it) doesn’t apply to this bad boy??

A: Nah! A pair of flat, short ankle boots will easily provide a more casual vibe. Or wear a chunky sweater over the top with black tights and a thin-heeled boot…the neckline will mock a velvet choker and the tights will carry the look through winter.

J: Awesome sauce. What else ya got?

A: Leggings are a fun option, too. I would stay away from crushed velvet here as it could create unflattering shadows up and down the leg. Like the romper, the leggings are from Express and are a flat velvet. They are so soft, comfortable and thick enough to provide proper coverage. You could easily dress them up with a flowy blouse and a great pair of pumps. I opted to dress them down today with a striped portofino also from Express and a gray faux suede jacket. The metallic rose gold kicks add a pretty pop of color and complement the fashion forward leggings. What do you think?

Amy velvet pants

J: I think it’s stinking awesome, but you know me, I want to see the blazer and tank one more way!!!

A: Hahaha. No problem…just pair them together! Keep your same gray skinnies from your first look and add a pair of brown boots. The unique mix of textures and colors is unexpected and super cool!


A: p.s. If edgy is more your thing, swap the tank for a graphic tee and the boots for a cute pair of chucks or slides. For a festive look, I like to wear this blazer with a sequin tank around the holidays.

J: I feel like listening to Prince now!

A: Oh my gosh, me, too. He would definitely approve!

J: Absolutely!!!

A: This was sooo much fun!


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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Beth says:

    LOVE the looks and tips!! Hmmm, I may have a velvet dress hanging WAY back in my closet…..and now I want to watch Phoebe and her Santa pants!

  2. Paula Lucore says:

    Love the blue velvet boots…been on my wish list for awhile now! Also just bought a velvet blazer last weekend.

  3. Lisa Renee says:

    These looks are so cool – and perfect for the holidays! I like that everything looks comfy yet sharp. Thanks, as usual, for giving me lots to think about on my next shopping outing! = )

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