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Holdin’ Onto Summer Baby!

September 30, 2016

J: It’s another time of  year again when I question even more so what to wear!  I know it’s technically fall but the thing is, I’m not ready to stop wearing my pretty summer dresses or cut-offs. You totally wear shorts in the fall, so can you pretty please give me your tips on that and while you’re at it, how can I still wear some of my bright and flowery summer dresses?

A: It’s similar to the whole wearing white after Labor Day thing…you can and should do it by anchoring your bright colors with solid neutrals and incorporating rich textures (think leather, velvet and fur). If you enjoy accessories, you can also ground your look by wearing bolder rings, cuffs, watches and necklaces.


A: This dress from JCPenney is the epitome of summer, but look how smoothly it’s transitioned for Fall with this black faux leather jacket from Maurices and a great pair of slouchy suede booties by Chinese Laundry! Zip the jacket up for a cool shirt like effect!


A: With it’s cool neckline, triangle cut-out and intense color, this dress could easily be reserved for beautiful heels and a classy clutch for a special summer event or dinner date. But, instead of limiting its wear, throw on an easy denim jacket in a dark hue and a pair of mules and you’ve got a look that’s more casual and Fall ready to wear!  BTW, mules are super popular again this season. If you scored a pair in the Spring, go on and keep them in your rotation!


A: A denim shirt is super versatile! If you don’t have one, grab one. I promise you won’t be disappointed. In this case, tied at the waist with this adorable print from Old Navy and fur-lined denim slides from UGG, we’ve bought this dress some serious time! Ground it even more with a strong menswear watch.

J: I knew you would find a way for your budget maximizing little sis to get her money’s worth out of her sweet summer score dresses lol:)  I’m assuming you’re going to tell me the same concepts would apply for extending the life of my shorts???

A: You assumed correctly…excellent work, Grasshopper!

J: Oh come on, you know there’s a BUT…

A: Bring it on…

J: But can/how do I wear boots and/or booties with shorts/dresses?  Or can I not?

A: Boots with shorts? I’m a BIG fan! From flat to tall, over the knee to ankle, I dig it all. Think of your denim shorts as a denim skirt and I guarantee the process will seem so much easier. If not, don’t stress or worry about “mistakes”. Fashion should be fun! Listen, if you’ve never looked back and thought…Why did I wear THAT…then you aren’t having nearly enough fun with it all :).

J: Okaaay…yet another but…

A: I know. I know. You want specifics! Since I’m obsessed with OTK boots, let’s start there. My advice is to pair a low heeled set with your favorite cut-offs. I prefer to keep it simple by choosing a boot in an earth tone suede or leather texture. In other words, I would steer clear of patent leather, 4 inch stilettos with lots of hardware in, well, any color.

J: I thought Pretty Woman was high on your list of favorites! Lol!

A: True! Some of her looks I just cherish a bit more than others…you’re so funny.

J: And Monica is right…the right pair of boots go with EVERYTHING??  (I just hope yours don’t hurt quite so badly hehe!!!)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yFVY29P6Rk&feature=youtu.be


A: Hahaha! Right?! This flannel dress from Target works great as a layering piece and a way to help my (comfortable, thank goodness) boots easily transition a basic tee and my favorite shorts (American Eagle) into Fall.  A simple flannel shirt will accomplish the same goal! And if OTK boots just aren’t your thing, you can easily replace this look with a pair of boots that hit below the knee.


A: These shorts, also from AE, are sooo comfortable. No way am I ready to give them up yet! A light weight gray sweater (listed in our your closet wants page) along with this fun fur vest (Bergner’s) is a warm and cozy effort to keep my shorts in heavy rotation! And, I like the way the combat boots provide contrast with the glam fur vest :).

J: Wait, you passed on the chance to use the word juxtaposition?!?!

A: Uh oh, I’m losing it! Oh well, next time. I thoroughly enjoy your 20 questions, Teddy Bear.  I mean any time we get a chance to play dress-up is…

A: & J: So Much Fun!



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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Beth says:

    Clearly I am having a LOT of fun since there are multiple times I have asked myself why I wore THAT …..
    Thanks for the great tips! Maybe now you won’t find me throwing up my hands in frustration trying to figure out what to wear during this crazy weather season but then again, maybe not ……?

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Hahaha! Sweet! We’re happy you’re having lots of fun and we love you lots…now you’ll just be throwing those hands up for a high five ?.

  2. Paula Lucore says:

    I’m with you on the denim ad leather jackets! One of my favorite ways to bridge the seasons. Not so sure I could pull off the OTK boots and shorts….but the booties would work .

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Yes, absolutely! Hopefully some Fall temps will hang around a good while so that we can have plenty of fun bridging the seasons together! ?

  3. CarolK says:

    I love the fact that flannel is in again this season and I think it’s now time to buy a denim vest or shirt. And that yellow dress……..LOVE it!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Me, too! And I like that today’s flannel is more tailored. A denim vest or shirt will add versatility to your wardrobe, definitely a smart buy! ??

  4. Lisa Renee says:

    Bring on Fall! These are really fun, cool looks. Appreciate the ideas, girls! Gotta get to Target now for that flannel dress!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      You won’t be disappointed! It’s so cute and comfortable and it comes in a few other colors. Thank you, Lisa ?

  5. I’m totally with you on not wanting to give up the summer dresses and shorts and I love your tips for transitioning to Fall!
    Love all your outfits here!
    Julia x

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