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August 15, 2016

J: So, I do feel like I’m learning. However, I’m still having some issues.  There are days when I feel like I Iook about as goofy as Chandler does in his tight little shorts!

A: Now that’s hilarious!  That mental image is going to keep me laughing for the rest of the day!

J:  YES!

A: So what I’ve noticed is that you’ve been piecing together some great looks all summer! Most of your looks have consisted of some sort of Portofino shirt (gotta love Express).  You look fantastic, but it would be fun to take over your closet and mix things up a bit.

amy in closet

J:  You read my mind! I am proud of myself! I’ve been mixing colors and patterns, but you caught me and ratted me out.  I fell into “Jennifer” mode.  While the shirts are great, they (along with the shorts) have all been the same cut/length/style.  Why do you always have to be so observant?! Eventually I’ll piece all of this “juxtaposition” together in order to avoid “Jennifer” norm-core.

A: Okay, but let’s be real, “Jennifer” norm-core is seriously fashionable! That being said, I looove visiting your closet…I mean I shriek a little each time I walk in!  It’s beautifully organized and you have great taste. Creating flat lays for you is so much fun!

J:  AND necessary…you know I gotta take pictures of the looks you create so that I don’t have to stress about what to wear; and I know I’ll look amazing, hehehe!  Anywho, I do have a question in all of my wordy non-sense.  Here it goes and let’s see if you can pick up what I’m trying to lay down…so, I struggle with knowing how to style the “grandma-ness” of a cuffed short, the length of a Bermuda short, a short-short, a high-waisted short, a soft short,etc. And what structure/type/length of shirt and shoes/heels goes with each…ummmm, yea…am I making any sort of sense? BTW…I am so proud of myself for knowing what a flat lay is peeps…for those of you, like me, who don’t own a fashion dictionary, it’s the pic of just the outfit on the ground.

A: Umm…are you still typing? Wait, nope, this is me.  Lol!  Believe it or not, I do get it. YAY, my favorite kind of mission! And don’t worry, it’s nowhere near impossible.

J:  Saweet!  So I’ll pick five pairs for you.  I picked my coral F21 ones, since they are high waisted and short; my AE Bermuda shorts (since they’re long); Old Navy hounds tooth print soft-shorts (my main issue is how to style these without them looking like pajamas); The Limited red ones, even though red is one of my favorite colors, it can make me feel “old”; and these basic Arizona cuffed “mom shorts” (no explanation needed ;).

A: Cool. Let’s start with the coral shorts. Pantone’s colors of the year are blush and pale blue. You can play off of that trend by pairing these shorts with a denim top (both pieces are in the aforementioned Pantone color families). Denim is everywhere…tops, belts, dresses, jackets and even shoes.  Your wedges are so cute! And in this case, they work with your short shorts because your top is covered and classic. I’m fond of high waisted shorts (and jeans, too). It’s a detail I feel you should highlight by tucking in your shirt.  I know you’re short waisted and tucking in your shirts scares you a bit, but I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you like the look!

coral shorts flat lay






A: Bermuda shorts can be more challenging. Go too tight with your shirt and you’ll lose every bit of your curve. Wear a heavy shoe and you’ll look as though you’re prepping for a safari. If your top is billowy, the look becomes aged.  BUT, pair them with a sparkly flat or even better a sparkly pump and a loose (but far from billowy) graphic tee or tank and you’ve got a look that’s comfortable and chic! For this particular look, add a small pop of color by carrying a red wristlet…now you’re Vibrant!

bermuda shorts

sparkle heels in garagesparkle shoes41.8442.84

A: Actually, pajamas as street wear is a high fashion do right now!  Funny because it’s true, right? Anyway, I totally get you! Add some glam to the laid back shorts by topping your look off with a great hat and some gladiator sandals.  Keep your top simple, a basic gray tank like this one from Express One Eleven is perfect.  Throw on a bold watch and a denim shirt over your shoulder and you have a look that will jump start your day rather than wish you sweet dreams at night.

soft shorts flat lay






A: You look great in red! I wasn’t aware that you occasionally feel it ages you.  That’s how I feel about most anything embroidered. These shorts would be so cute and polished with a touch of leopard.  The black tank with a hint of leopard detail complements your heels and reads flirty, fun and put together…take that “old”!

red shorts flat lay






A: I’m about to give your self-proclaimed “mom shorts” some serious swag!  The modest slashes in your tank adds youth and the sweet fedora equals cool! I’m loving how your boots are pulling the olive green tones out of the feather in your hat…it’s all in the details. This outfit would also look super cute with a pair of brown gladiator sandals.  You’ll rock those neutrals, Jenn!

mom short flat lay

83.8482.84sandal and boot pick81.84





J:  Nothing “short” of brilliant sis!!


A: Is it fair to say…

A: and J: We had FUN!


All photos courtesy of Rachel Holden Photography

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  1. Lisa Renee says:

    Love all these shorts looks! Shows me that shoes (rather than flip flops!) really make the look. Summer has been more fun this year, trying new pieces, so thanks for a fun summer, girls!!

  2. Love all these looks, especially the first one! The coral shorts look amazing with the denim shirt and I LOVE those sandals!
    Julia x

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thanks so much, Julia! We appreciate your support and are happy you enjoyed the post! Have a fantastic weekend ?.

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