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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

July 10, 2016

A: So I was thinking (as I was in my closet getting dressed for yet another little league game) that we should write a post to offer suggestions on how to look both chic and appropriate at a baseball and/or softball game.

J:  Totes for sure!!  How do I look cute, yet appropriate, yet not sweat to death, not embarrass my son (well, maybe that’d be okayJ), be comfortable, and most importantly port-a-potty friendly…enough requirements there sis??  Pretty much I want some “innate Alan-ness” to make me look like a winner.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvzN_1m-y1Y&feature=youtu.be

A: Ooohh…too funny.  I genuinely hope people find as much humor in these ‘Friends’ clips as we do!  Lots of requirements there, Jenn! They’re fair ones though and I believe in accommodating them all…even the one about not embarrassing Levi (although that would be kind of fun…hehe).

J:  Well then, one more request!! Can you give me enough looks to make it through a week of games and not have to repeat? I’m sure a lot of the lovelies out there are in the same position as us…sooooo many games in a week!

A: Sorry, no can do.  Kidding.  Here’s five…a hat dugout

a hat a hat trunk




All pictures courtesy of Rachel Holden Photography!

A: Cut-offs (American Eagle) and a tank (Express One Eleven) are an easy go to and I feel confident that most women own both. The key is to use your accessories and some fun slides or fashionable tennis shoes to amp up your look.  I chose this boho-chic hat (Von Maur) and coral slides (Kohl’s) to add color and texture to the look.  If you caught our last post, watches are a big part of both of our styles.  A white watch keeps this look clean and non-competing with my other accessories (earrings Express, watch similar).  When it’s hot I prefer delicate, shiny necklaces so I went with a gold name plate necklace that Jay had engraved for me…I enjoy pieces that have personal meaning.

a fringe bag

dress and print short a mirrored shades




A: Shorts with a bold print (similar) are a fun way to add interest to your overall look. Keep your tee solid (Loft) and use your accessories to compliment your print. I like how the mirrored sunglasses (similar) and gold accents (earrings and necklace same as above) make the blue in these shorts really pop! A fun fringe bag (H&M) with a gold chain adds even more interest and texture to the style. The watch is mixed metal (silver and gold…mixing metals is fun…post idea for a later date!). Gladiator sandals (Circus by Sam Edelman) keep this look current.
j denim dress fave

a & j denim dress print shorts j with kids

j denim dress

j denim dress silly




A: Denim dresses (Bergner’s) are so chic and a little dirt in the skirt never hurt anyone (oops…now we’re quoting A League of Their Own).  This dress is so light weight and comfortable and looks adorable with these silver Steve Madden slides (similar).  Gladiator shades (Vogue) and a bold silver watch (Fossil), compliment the shoes.  You’re at a ball game so I feel earrings should remain simple…studs (Zales, personal gift from Jennifer’s fab hubby) make for a homerun!

p.s. We wear boy shorts from Wal-Mart or Target (found in the undergarment section for around $9.99) underneath our dresses. They keep us from feeling exposed!

amy dress details

amy lynnden dress amy dress

amy dress action amy dress action close




A: Tee-shirt dresses are another comfortable, simple option. This particular dress was only $19.99 at Kohl’s.  Hitting grounders to my niece is a cinch in this dress. It’s light, stretchy and easily moves with my body.  Plus, the length is perfect. It’s long enough that there’s no need to ‘be careful’ when I sit down, but short enough that I still feel cool. I borrowed Jenn’s shoes (they’re so fun) and pulled my hair back to keep the over-all vibe laid back.  (We’re Team Versatility! A printed tee dress can easily be dressed up or down).

j romper

A: Rompers are so much easier to wear than people might think.  This one in particular (Old Navy) easily slips on and off…no buttons or zippers so we promise a port-a-potty visit is totally doable…and yes this statement has been tested! Lol.  There are so many cute tennis shoes out right now. Leave your running shoes at home and slide on these super sweet kicks from Kohl’s.  Lauren Conrad is getting things right with both the sneakers and the sunglasses (similar)!  When I’m wearing a busy print, I prefer to keep accessories simple.  This feather necklace from Express is delicate and one of our faves!

a & j dress romper fence 1

a and j fence a & j dress romper fence




A:  So, Jenn, how did I score?

J: It’s a WIN for sure, but the most important part?!

A and J: WE HAD FUN!

high five


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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Paula Lucore says:

    Terrific photography! You both look like you had fun…and I did too reading it!

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    Fabulous photos!! I am really excited about ALL of these looks! I am especially coveting the romper and denim dress and every single pair of shoes. It has never occurred to me to even try on a romper, but now I am planning a “romper shopping” day! Thanks for the great ideas, girls!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you, Lisa! We had so much fun with Rachel taking the photos (www.rachelholdenphotography.com). Rompers are awesome and most of them are on sale right now, so it’s the perfect time to shop! ?

  3. Great looks! I love the romper and the fringed bag is so cute!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Julia x

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