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Clocking Out With Our Favorite Obsession…

June 19, 2016

A:  Jennifer and I are minimalists.  We each collect two things and they happen to be the same…watches and miniature Christmas ornaments (you’re trying to visualize what exactly those would look like, aren’t you?!).  We’ll keep you guessing there, but decided to share a few of our favorite timepieces with you.

J:  I think the challenge gauntlet has been thrown…I’ve always said you can make anything look good sis…but Christmas ornaments…I’d LOVE to see you try to accessorize with those!

A:  Challenge DENIED!

J:  Ahhh man!!  Okay…anywho, you said for each of us to pick our fave five.  One would think that picking only FIVE would be easy, but for those who suffer from this watch addiction (me…you), I want you to know, this was actually quite hard.  Stop making me do things that are hard sis!!!!

A: SO sad, too bad!  Show me what you brought.

J:  Alright.  But once again, you know you have to tell me what to WEAR with the watches today…although, that is one of the things I love about watches.  Especially before we started our blog, when I really, really felt fashion clueless (now I just feel sometimes uncertain!) wearing an awesome watch made me feel somewhat fashionable.  I like how they can make just jeans and a tee (my uniform until now) look fashionable.  Just know peeps, now that I’m learning how to dress…my watch obsession has only increased LOL!

A: I completely agree that a watch can make your outfit! And, hey, more great looks calls for more great watches…see how I just justified that for you?

J:  You’re always looking out for me!  Clint, and my wallet may not appreciate it, but I sure do!!  Okay sis, show the world that our watches make an outfit more than just an outfit, just like a timepiece made Joey’s present more than just a pen!  https://youtu.be/0HQ73M31mqU

A: What time is it?  Time for my date with JOEY…hahaha.  Okay, okay, time to show that swapping out our watches (with some of our favorite shoes, too) can make a $20 dress from Target look chic and unique! Our fave five include…

Amy Dolce Edited



A: This Dolce and Gabbana watch is just straight up cool…the fact that it’s leather, a cuff and that it has two belt like straps on the back is so unique!  It was given to me by my friend, Rama. She literally gave me the watch off of her wrist! It was such a generous gesture; it will always have a special place in my heart and my watch case!



march watch

J: I love the square face of this Roberto Cavalli watch! And let’s be honest…it’s so shiny, how could you NOT love it?!!!


Amy Coach watch

A: The nautical vibe of this Coach watch grabbed me hook line and sinker! 😉



J: This Guess watch is casual and glam at the same time…a goal of mine a lot of days when I’m getting dressed!



WeWood watch

A: This WeWood watch is so light weight! Plus, it’s environmentally conscious, too. It’s made of wood and for every watch sold, the company plants a tree…very cool!  I wear a ton of sixties inspired pieces that this watch vibes with so fluidly.



J: If you’re up on our ‘A Time to Remember’ page features, you see that this MVMT watch (along with the R. Cavalli) inspired me enough to purchase it (thanks again sis!).  I love the structured yet casual look and feel of it.


April watch

A: This Fossil Broadcaster Watch is so fun and retro. This was my Mother’s Day gift from Griffin this year…the kid’s got great taste!


michael kors watch

J: This men’s Michael Kors watch is definitely on heavy repeat.  It’s simple, yet classy and goes with just about everything.  It’s so easy to dress up or down, I go to it quite often.





A: Our matching Vestal watches are special to us.  It’s a menswear piece (which most of our watches are); and our little brothers own it, too.  The four of us picked out a ton of different watches until we all agreed on the one to purchase.  It’s fab and we wear ours A LOT! Cody gets the credit for finding this one!  Chad and Cody mostly wear theirs when they dress up while Jenn and I typically use ours to dress up t-shirts and jeans and to toughen up dresses.


*Special Shout out to Jim Giles (Amy’s father-in-law) for sizing all of our watches!  Which is obviously a lot, so he clearly rocks! 🙂

A: Now what time is it, Jenn?

J: Time for our readers to send us pics of their favorite watches AND to say, I had so much fun!




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Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired…

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Amy: So we took a little break because you left…

10 Discussion to this post

  1. Ciara says:

    Love that coach watch. Thanks for sharing some new places for me to shop like WeWood!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      You’ll love WeWood, Ciara! They have such cool and unique pieces. The Coach watch is definitely my go to in the summer! ⚓ Let us know if purchase something great! ?

  2. Beth says:

    Wow, I want to take the “time” to say how great all these looks are!! Watches AND shoes!!
    You’ve got GREAT style, girls!!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you so much! Great style runs in the family ?. Thank you for always taking “time” to support us! ?

  3. Lisa Renee says:

    I have a thing for watches, and I am in love with all of these pieces (really digging all the shoes too!) I suddenly feel like I don’t own enough watches (my husband thanks you – ha!) Loving the sassy pictures too, girls!

  4. Nikki Arnold says:

    My favorite watch right now is prob my Gold Citizens watch! I feel like it goes with everything dressed up or dressed down!!

  5. Great post! Your photos are so fun and I love the watches!
    Julia x

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