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These Little Piggies Went to Willow & Birch

May 7, 2016

Woo Hoo!  It’s Sandal Season

A: Hip Hip Hooray! I’m so ready to give my boots a rest and go shopping for sandals!  I think most everyone is in agreement as we even headed over to FOX 55/27 last Monday morning to chat with Melanie Streeper (host of Good Day Marketplace) about stylish sandals and pretty pedicures.  My little piggies needed some serious TLC so we enlisted Mindy Durako to fancy up our feet!

J: Isn’t she the best?!  She did all of our toes (and was so kind to still love my fab runner’s feet…eek!) AND is offering 20% off to all first time clients…can you say AWESOME?!  She totally got our toes ready for some feet flirtin’ with Phoebes!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8otX5mwC-0E&app=desktop

A: Seriously, Jenn, you are the official ‘Friends’ aficionado! Yes, we are so thankful to Mindy…do yourselves a favor and treat yourself to one of her manicures or pedicures (Don’t forget to say My Purple Blazer to get your discount).  I headed off to DSW for this segment and post to check out their selection…HOLY CHIC…so many to choose from!  I decided to focus on the gladiator trend.

J: Yes, thank you for doing that for me!!  You always help your little sis out…I wanted to know how to wow an outfit with summer shoes.  I feel like I have an easier time getting that “holy chic” (did I use that right sis?) effect with boots and winter shoes.  You totes showed me how to get that same effect with sandals…and how to forgo my flip flops for shoes that are just as easy and comfy!!  NICE sis….real nice!!!

A: Lol…1) You are welcome. 2) Yes, good job Grasshopper, you used Holy Chic correctly! 3) I hope you can now see how easily a simple tee and denim can be transformed with a cute pair of shoes and pretty polish to match. 4) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for forgoing flip flops when we are currently nowhere near a pool or beach! And 5) Dad has always told me that my best and worst qualities are the same…I’m too nice!

J: Touche!  I’ll stop asking questions so you can get on with the show…


A: So your sandals are G by Guess.  The strappy army green suede is a fun alternative to your typical neutrals (black, white and tan).  I’ve always liked pairing army green and bright pink…together they create the perfect edgy/girly combination that you’re always after :).

J: I LOVE them too!!  I had to add them to my ever growing shoe collection.

DSC05189A: Ro is wearing a lace-up version (by Steve Madden ) of the gladiator trend.  I especially like that the grey suede will resist looking dirty far better than the nude hue were all seeing repeatedly in this style…which is so necessary for us Midwest girls!  The bubble gum pink pop on her toes softens the warrior (um…gladiator) that is this shoe!

J: So impressed right now…hides dirt, a bargain…AND wit.  Triple threat baby.

DSC05184A: Megan is rocking her inner fashionista in a pair of Fergalicous tall gladiators.  This style is not for the faint of heart and fit is key!  You don’t want the straps to be either too loose or too tight or you’ll lose the Holy Chic effect.  Paired with short shorts these sandals make such a fun and festival worthy statement.  Purple is a strong and courageous color making it the perfect match for these shoes!

J: Hmmm…My Purple Blazer…maybe why you’re always drawn to purple…you are the embodiment of those things 🙂 !!!


A:  You’re sweet!  Thank you, Jennifer!  Our mom…oops, she has a name…Beth is wearing a gold metallic, snake embossed gladiator with gold hardware accents.  I appreciate how the hardware makes this shoe feel both modern and classy.  Matching her toes to the shoe maintains that vibe and offers her a simple way to amp up her jeans and tee!

J: Brilliant as always…this is another neutral correct??  And is it possible for a shoe to make your feet look skinny?  Because I feel like these totally do.

A: Absolutely!  Just as we all have different body shapes to dress, the same holds true for our feet!  This shoe is about as universally flattering as it gets!


A: My shoe is a detour from the gladiator trend.  The boho chic vibe and jewel tone colors are so on-trend that I thought it would be fun to top it all off with a little emerald polish and last, but not least, FRINGE!

J: Nothing punctuates a statement like fringe:)

A:  So true and SO MUCH FUN!




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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    I am like Jenn was with flip flops, but saw this episode on FOX and fell in love with the army green suede and grey suede with pink polish! Thanks for the great ideas; it’s fun to go searching for items I haven’t given much thought to. I predict I will have a small (or large!) collection of chic sandals in my closet by the end of this summer!

  2. Beth says:

    It’s time for me to “polish” my summer look with chic sandals and hide some of my flip flops!! Thanks for reminding me that the dressier sandals are just as easy to wear as the flip flops.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Love all the sandals! I now know what to look for when shopping!! Thanks

  4. Great selection of sandals!
    Love how you paired the nail polish with each look!
    Julia xx

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you, Julia! DSW has so many cute pairs right now, it was hard to select just five, Lol! Thanks for your support! ?

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