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April 9, 2016

J: So, my comfort zones have been pushed, stretched and worked over…I’m tired!!! Sis, it is so your turn…I double dog dare you to show me something that pushes you out of YOUR comfort zone (if that’s even possible!).

A: That’s fair! I don’t typically mix prints or even wear many prints at all for that matter. Mixing the pieces I do own would be a good challenge for me…if that’s acceptable to you of course. (Lol)

J: Will you karate/Krav chop me if I say it’s not? You totes could…so it’s a good thing that I do find it completely acceptable. But you are also well aware that you will still have to spell it out for me as to how I can mix prints too so I don’t end up looking like a pair of Phoebe’s homemade heels right?  Because you know if left on my own, that’s what would happen!! It’s also acceptable  because I don’t own many print pieces…an excuse to shop sis!

phoebe's shoes

A: Hahaha…I forgot all about Phoebe’s fab shoes! I would never karate chop you (wink, wink). And you know I love ANY excuse to shop. Shall I show you what I’ve got?

J: Teach on!

A: I eased into the mix by pairing gray leopard print boots with an Express crop top printed with lots of little hearts. For many, leopard has come to be considered a neutral. I personally wouldn’t wear it with just anything, but this works because the colors are complementary and remain within the same family…which is generally the best advice I can give you when mixing prints!

Jordan Lucore - IMG_2133

J: Let me make sure I understand.  Your advice on how to begin mixing…any two prints as long as they are in the same color family?

A: Yes, definitely the most fool proof way to get started!

A: Like in this next look, I stayed with black and white. The pants are busy so I kept the boots and my accessories simple.

Jordan Lucore - IMG_2169

J: So, that’s the next lesson…if one piece is super busy, keep the surrounding areas clear…LOL! Perhaps you have some of your fancy fashion jargon to better explain what I’m getting at?

A: Yep, KISS…keep it simple sister!


A: If you’re going to break away from pairing the same two (or few) colors, make sure they complement each other. I chose a navy and white striped tank to go with the same jogger pants from the previous look. Navy is a universally flattering color and is a true neutral. The clean stripes on the tank balance out the busy square print of the bottoms. I chose a white pump to keep the eye moving up and down…again creating balance and toning down the busy bottoms.

Jordan Lucore - IMG_2147

J: Well, KISS my busy bottom…the learning just doesn’t stop!!!

A: IN THE END…hahaha…I chose to wear this striped Mango shirt dress and safari print wedges from JCP with a scarf from WHBM.  The shoes and the scarf complement instead of clash because they’re both silky and consist of earthy tones.


J: So two busy prints can work if their color families are related and the materials are similar?

A: Lesson learned Grasshopper! So, did you have fun?

J: Do Grasshoppers jump? Yes, yes I did!


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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Sara Ross says:

    I’m definitely going to be trying this! I love the outfits you picked. Thanks again girls…❤️?

  2. Fashionelle says:

    Beautiful mix of prints!

  3. Lisa Renee says:

    I didn’t think you could make me like mixed prints, but these looks are not at all scary. They are, in fact, quite fabulous! I am genuinely surprised at how much I am digging the whole concept – thanks for that!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      YAY! We’re excited that you’re digging the looks and the concept. Give us a shout when you work your own mix. We would enjoy seeing what you put together! ?

  4. Rachel says:

    my favorite is the last look! love the stripped shirt dress. It fits you so well!

  5. Kyla says:

    I’m totally loving your style!

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