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Boutique Week With Apricot Lane

April 17, 2016

Joggers, jeans and everything in between!

J: It’s Boutique Week!  You know it’s my fave when you show me how to wear one piece so many different ways!  The blazer and tank you picked out are so insanely versatile…I would have had no idea!!  You rock sis.

A: This blazer is perfect!  The shoulders are beautifully structured and the detail on the back is so unique, pretty and modern.  I chose the blush tank because the hue is seriously trending.  But at the same time, it will become a classic addition to your wardrobe.

J:  So, is it like you taught me last week about leopard…is it now considered a “neutral”?  Meaning, it will go with just about anything??  And sometime we are so going to have to do a post on these joggers…I still can’t get a handle on how to style them on my own…without feeling like how Phoebe looks when she jogs 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-IVhJLD0sQ

A: Hahaha! I love that episode! Blush is definitely a neutral color that will go great with anything.  And joggers are so comfortable! They are really an extension of athleisure wear…a trend that’s not going anywhere for a while.  You can dress them up or down.  In this case, the blazer and tank (let’s call them “combo” from here on) totally elevate these pants to a “work” appropriate look…swap the pumps for some cage shoes or open toe booties, put on a bright lipstick, and you’ve got a comfortable and easy day to night look!


J: It seems like no matter how hard I try or what I put on, I end up looking girly…which is funny, because I so don’t think of myself as a girly girl.  Even when I am going for “edgy” I end up Lynnden-esque (that’s my all pink and rainbows and sunshine and the epitome of girly girl daughter, who by the way, should be her aunt’s daughter as she is such a fashionista!)  Anywho, how can I stay true to me, but add some edge to this combo?

A: Distressed jeans would be super cute for accomplishing that!  They’ll toughen up the look and create that balance you are striving for.

J: Two things I’m always after…toughening up and balance…you are a true fashion/sister/life master ♥

DSC04664 (2)

Jenn wore her own jeans, but Apricot Lane has great ones in stock, too!

A: I’m so in to flares and bell bottoms right now, but don’t necessarily want to look like I stepped right out of the sixties.  I love how this combo makes my bell bottoms feel modern!


J: You so rock flares and bell bottoms sis!!  And let’s be honest you could make this combo work with a brown paper bag…you just have that unnatural ability to make all things look GOOD.

A: Well, thanks babe! That’s the best thing about this combo, though, it works with joggers, jeans and everything in between!  These super cute shorts from Apricot Lane are no exception.  I have a couple of baby showers coming up this summer that this look would be perfect for!

DSC04703 (2)a

J: I love the idea of wearing shorts with this combo…NEVER would have came up with this on my own!!  Could I wear it with any other types of shorts as I don’t own (well, now I do, since I am buying this AL pair LOL!) ones like these?

A: Your favorite cut-offs (just like your favorite jeans) are an excellent option!  You could dress them up with a killer statement necklace (like this one from Apricot Lane) and a cool pair of heels for date night or you could opt for sandals and delicate accessories for running errands.

DSC04735 (2)

gold statement AL necklaceA: I love how the shape of this necklace mimics the detail of the peek-a-boo pockets on your shorts!

J:…so that was by design…you are so clever!!

A: It’s all in the details Jenn!  Speaking of details, I am obsessed with the accessories at AL right now!  They have so many cool pieces!  This horn necklace totally deserves the spotlight so instead of making it compete with the combo, I paired it with this body con dress from AL.  I realize this dress is not for the faint of heart, so I’ll also suggest wearing the necklace with your favorite black tank and jeans!

DSC04770 (2)

horn necklace up clostJ: Well, sound the horn…fashion language…body con?!?!  I let athleisure slide earlier, but body con???

A: ???

J: Thanks to Apricot Lane for our second Boutique Week (don’t forget to mention My Purple Blazer at the checkout to receive 15% off of your purchase)!  That was so eye-opening…and SO FUN!



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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    Loving the blush color, and that jacket is way versatile. Also really like both of your black shoes from the first set of pictures. Sweeeet!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Jenn’s shoes are from Target and I’m wearing Christian Siriano for Payless…both were less than $20! ?

  2. Beth says:

    LOVE the versatility of the tank and blazer! Now if I could just run like Phoebe….

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Hahaha…well, practice makes perfect! Be sure to let us know when and where you’ll be practicing! Also, don’t forget to mention My Purple Blazer at Apricot Lane to receive 15% off of your purchase! ?

  3. Paula Lucore says:

    I love the joggers…so comfortable. And the blazer is great too. I need to get to Apricot Lane!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Agreed! Don’t forget to mention My Purple Blazer to receive 15% off of your purchase! The blazer will look beautiful on you and they have great accessories to go with it, too! ?

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