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March 25, 2016


J: Kansas City Fashion Week was so fabulous and so much fun!

A: Agreed. For those who question if fashion and the Midwest belong in the same sentence, I invite them to this spectacular event! Not only were the Ready to Wear pieces fab, the show’s avant garde pieces rivaled New York’s.

J: Avley gorblue…

A: Avant garde Jenn…the more walking art pieces if you will. These are the more “cutting edge” artsy pieces.

J: Ablee garday…am I “NOT SPEAKING FRENCH” Phoebe? 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqwzvtjeYBQ&list=RDDqwzvtjeYBQ#t=12

A: No Joey, not even close (literally laughing out loud).

J: Once again, sis, you and your fancy words…anywho…

A: You crack me up…The shows were well received and Union Station was a magnificent venue.  Several cool and interesting looks graced the runway, but the following were my personal favorites:

red velvet jumpsuit

A: I’m a bit obsessed with jumpsuits! Wine is such a stunning color and will continue to remain one of my favorite hues for fall.  The fact that it’s velvet only adds to my affection for this piece, designed by Andrea Marie Long. Worn with or without the cape, this look stuns! I think I should wear this to the next round of shows in October…what do you guys think?

J: I totes agree that you need to rock that when we go back in October…and at $295, it’s totally doable!

black shift dress

A: Michael Drummond is a Project Runway Alum!  I really enjoyed the high neck and leather detail on this shift dress.  It’s such a versatile piece. While the runway looks are a preview for the designer’s 2016 Fall/Winter collections, this dress can easily transcend all four seasons.

J: OK…so as always, spell it out for me, how would you wear it??

A: I would wear it with silver pumps and hoops and a great black watch!

J: You never cease to amaze me with your ability to see the unlimited possibilities in a piece!  And a shameless self plug…you, my amazing sis will be demoing your ability to transcend one dress through the four seasons on Tuesday on Good Day Illinois on Illinois Fox 55/27!!

shear shirt with asymmetrical zipper skirt

A: This skirt, also by Michael Drummond, is fabulous.  It’s timeless and ageless. While wrap skirts are currently trending, this piece will absolutely transcend the trend.

J: Could us shorties rock the wrap skirt too without looking like we were being swallowed by it? And how would you make this a little more “street” wearable??

A: You could absolutely wear this…a whole other post baby sister! Personally, I would love to wear it with strappy gold heels, a black tank, a long delicate, gold necklace and a bold cuff.

shear skirt with full zip blazer

A: This dress coat by Madison L Durant is so affordable and chic (can you believe it’s only $65?).  Madison is a Project Runway: Threads Alum and is only 15 years old. Talk about incredible!  Her attention to detail is pristine…just look at that faux leather white color pop against the navy…excellent!

J: WHAT?! Even this bargain queen can’t get over the price-tag!!! She’s that talented AND offers a steal…truly a prodigy!

A: That she is! Another phenom is Rachel Anne Gottlieb. She gave me a whole new respect for culottes with this look. These pants are so pretty and edgy all at the same time.  I would wear them with a biker jacket and suede pumps.

Amy with angelesque model

J: In that whole other post you referenced earlier…can you also give me the courage to wear culottes?? 🙂

A: Most definitely!

J: You’re the best sis. So…for the last fave look??


A: This Kiana Godsey design was so cool!  The halter top is perfect with the gold leaf skirt.  It’s so fun and unique…she truly showcased her Midas touch with this look ;).  I can’t even begin to imagine the work that went into each and every leaf like layer!

J: Midas touch…nice!!!

A: Hey, like I said in our last post I’m learning too!

J: I always have SO MUCH FUN with you sis!



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Avant What?

Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired…

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Skirt On Over

Amy: So we took a little break because you left…

4 Discussion to this post

  1. Sara Ross says:

    This blog is so informative and fun to read! Thanks for all the helpful advice that anyone can implement into their own fashion! You girls ROCK!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Sara! We very much appreciate your support and are thrilled that you enjoy reading our posts! ?

  2. Lisa Renee says:

    How many cities have a fashion week? I only knew about New York. I think you should start a Springfield, Illinois fashion week and put Jenn on the runway! Oh, how fun!! ? ? ? (Did I just have a great idea??!)

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      In the U.S., NY is far and away the largest and most popular display, but KC and STL (along with several other cities) participate with local designers and produce excellent shows. Sometimes Chicago will host events.

      You have lots of fabulous ideas…I’m on board with this one…wanna help?! ?

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