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Recap of Our Journey Down ‘Apricot Lane’!

March 5, 2016

A: We’re so excited to be collaborating with Apricot Lane!  The second full week of every month will be “Boutique Week” here on My Purple Blazer. Monday through Friday, we’ll be posting our fabulous finds from Apricot Lane on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  Then, on that Saturday, join us back here on the blog for a post recapping all of our fresh finds and tips for incorporating those pieces into your existing wardrobe. Being a small business owner myself, it feels great to shop local.

J: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, sis, I like to throw my exclamation points around willy-nilly style!!!!!!!)

A: Yeah, Yeah.  I balance out my fashion forward flair with conservative grammatical style. (Period, Jenn, it’s okay to use them.)

J: Yeah sis you ‘talk’ with your clothes, I ‘talk’ with my hands and facial expressions which can only be adequately expressed through script by my excessive but necessary use of exclamation points (is that enough verbiage for you Miss juxtaposed, norm-core…!!!!????).

A: (Collective sighs and simultaneous laughter is currently ensuing)

J: Funny cause it’s true!  But…the girls at Apricot Lane (Sheavie, Jessica and Mackenzie) probably want us to get back to business!

A: Totally! We started the week off with a beautiful and versatile black and white striped dress. I selected an eye catching gold necklace, sparkly earrings, a large gold bracelet for one wrist and a delicate pearl embellished bracelet for the other to compliment my own gold strappy heels.  I would wear this to a wedding or a special occasion like a date night with Jay.  Then I swapped my heels for my own black gladiator sandals, threw on my favorite denim jacket, traded the bracelets for a super cute striped face watch and wore my own triangle tiered earrings (see our Your Closet Wants page).  I would wear this to run errands, go to the movies or even a picnic!  For Jenn, we paired the dress with a fab floppy hat in my favorite shade of purple, black wedges from my closet (love that we can share our shoes), the same cute watch and a pair of fun triangle jacket earrings in gold.  Jenn could wear this to a daytime wedding, a shower or even a fundraiser!






J: So you’re telling me I could wear this to a regatta gala?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS7VsDUyPeo

A: Go for it, Rachel, babe!  Lol!  (Gotta say, we really hope you’re enjoying the you tube ‘Friends’ links!)

J: You have proven yet again why I need to keep stepping out of my comfort zone, because I have always been scared of the long maxi style dress because of my height…so thank you for showing me that I could totally wear this amazing dress that I am now in love with (and purchased!!).

A: That’s what big sisters are for!  You look amazing in that dress and super cute in the flower cap tee, too. I’m so ready for Spring, which is what drew me to this shirt.  For Jenn, I paired it with a full navy blue skirt for a fun and flirty look.  We kept her accessories simple with a nude strap watch and the same triangle jacket earrings she wore with the dress. Her own wine colored booties keep the look grounded and still appropriate for our current (crazy back and forth) weather conditions.  As for me, I dressed the look down two different ways. First, with distressed jeans.  I borrowed Jenn’s sweet fringe shoes and added the purple floppy hat back into the mix.  I accessorized the look with the gold bracelet (from the dress look), the nude strap watch, fringe earrings (which I bought and totally complement the shoes), a key lock clutch and my own rings!  Then I swapped the distressed jeans for bell bottoms which are high on my rotation right now, added a white fur vest from my closet along with suede black ankle boots.  I borrowed the clutch and gold bracelet again as well as the leather fringe earrings and nude strap watch.




J: And once again…you showed me why I shouldn’t stereotype styles based on my fears…you proved that I CAN wear a high-waisted skirt even though I have NO torso whatsoever!  And the tulle underneath…not scary at all:)!!!!  Loved it!

A: Hahaha…oh, funny.  I think you would appreciate our readers knowing that I have not worn tulle myself since I was eight years old!  But as you can see, short, tall, no waist, long waist, this skirt can easily find a place in your wardrobe.  Since it’s not quite as warm out as I would like it, I felt it would be nice to show how this skirt could play in the colder temps, too.  I’m wearing the skirt with a cozy gray sweater (see our Your Closet Wants page), matching suede boots that I’ve had for years, the nude strap watch and a cool ring set to add a little edge to the girly nature of the skirt!


J: Such a different look for you sis…I love it.  As always you WEAR whatever you put on:).  However, as much fun as this dress and skirt are, can you show me a fast easy way to wear my basics but also add some edge?

A: Will do.  Accessories…hats, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, clutches, rings…can easily transform your outfit in the direction you’re going for…glam, classy, sleek, sexy, casual, professional, flirty, pretty, fun, edgy…you get the drift! Wearing the floppy hat with your basic white tee and favorite skinny jeans adds glamour and interest to otherwise basic pieces.  Carry a clutch in a rich texture like suede to add dimension to your overall look.  So easy, comfortable and chic!


J: Saweet….but don’t think I still won’t send you selfies every morning to make sure I’m on point!!!!

A: Lol.  No worries, I’ve factored it in to my morning routine.  But just to parlay the point, I want you to grab your favorite white button up, jeans and boots. Now add a bold necklace, and in this case, pretty earrings and a bracelet both with pearl details…don’t forget a great watch goes a long way towards elevating your look, too!


J: Parlay???  Really Miss Conservative Grammar??  And you don’t have to tell me twice about the watch sister (see our Time to Remember page and our four watch display cases)!

A: Umm…hey Miss Sassy Pants…can you make me a sash for that title?  You wear your title on your face…hahaha!  Anyway, to parlay, I grabbed my favorite white tank and bell bottom jeans to showcase this cute triangle necklace (stacked with my own personalized necklace), pearl studded diamond jacket earrings, the black and white striped face watch and edgy ring set from before…so fun, so easy, so stylish!


J: Good thing you have your black belt!!!  See you’re teaching me about fashion and you’re learning a thing or two about quick wit!  Anyway…so, what should I REALLY be taking away from our Boutique Weeks???  Besides the fact that shopping is fun????

A: So true!  First of all, you don’t have to live in a big city to find great and unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.  Second, more times than not a piece is far more versatile than you think (so try to think outside of the box OR you can always ask us for help).  And, third, when in doubt use accessories to identify your look.


J: You know me, always after a bargain…mention My Purple Blazer at the Springfield, IL Apricot Lane and you will score 15% off your purchase (both regular and clearance items!).  If you are interested in the price of a specific item, please send us a request in our comment section (scroll below) or head on over to the store!

A: Thank you Apricot Lane, we had SO much FUN!




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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Lisa Renee says:

    I love that looking put together can be as simple as a white tee and a pair of cool jeans; and everyone has a pair of booties to throw on! (at least they should!) Thanks for the reminder, girls! Also, I can see that a great watch is a great accessory. I think it’s “time” to go watch shopping at Apricot Lane. (See what I did there?!)

  2. mypurpleblazer says:

    Why yes, we do…see what you did there (clever lady) and think it’s time you snag a great watch from Apricot Lane! The black one is only $28 and the nude one $26…plus you’ll receive 15% off. ?. Happy Shopping, Lisa! ?

  3. Paula Lucore says:

    Loved the black and white dress. Like Jennifer, I worry that, being short, I can’t pull off a long length. But the dress looked great! I may have to run over to Apricot Lane this weekend!

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      I hope you do…it’s so pretty, comfortable and versatile. You’ll look amazing wearing it. Don’t forget to mention the blog to receive 15% off of your purchase! ?

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