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October 16, 2015

Fashion Crystal Ball: Slits are the new Cut-Outs


J: So the day we wrote the dare to flare blog you came in wearing some crazy slit up the side sweater, proving my point that you can make ANYTHING look good. What I want to know is did you do this on a dare (laughing)? Or is this one of your uncanny abilities to predict fashion trends…which I am leaning towards as since that day I have seen some “slits” cropping up online.

A: I found this shirt at Express and was drawn to how unique it was, tried it on and to quote my friend Paula, “I hope you buy that, I am so curious to see what you will do with it!” So perhaps it was a bit of a dare, Lol! It’s certainly not going to be for everyone, but I’m having fun with the piece…pairing it with the flares from our Dare to Flare blog and it’s also super cute with jeggings. Trust me, you’re going to start seeing more than a few interpretations of this shirt. Slits are going to make a run at becoming the new cut-outs for a moment!

J: Ok…you heard it peeps…slits are the new cut-outs. I can guarantee you if you guys start looking, you will see this trend come to life! In my scared little fashion brain I can’t picture myself wearing slits, just like I never had the guts to wear cut-out pieces. Are there more reserved but still edgy ways to wear something with slits?

A: Absolutely! Try a tunic or a long denim shirt with more modest cuts…both will provide more coverage than the extreme racerback and rib high cuts of my piece. Zara has a variety of options to inspire you…tunics, cotton, poplin and denim…the choice be yours!

This light weight Poplin is a fun twist on an otherwise white basic button-up!

Tunic with modestly cut side slits in a universally flattering color!

Tunic with modestly cut side slits in a universally flattering color!

express slit sweater

The sweater tank I’m rockin’ from Express!

J: Ok, but you’re 5’8” in case you didn’t know…I am 5’4”…what would I pair this with without looking like I was swallowed alive by the shirt? Which builds (short, tall, slim, curvy) should pick which pieces…does that make sense?

A: Yep. So, you’ll want to select a top in a light material, nothing too heavy, and keep your bottoms sleek…I’m picturing leather or faux leather leggings or jeggings and a pair of sky-high, non-fussy heels to keep the look long and cohesive. I would really suggest the same for women with curves. Another good tip, keep your look either monochromatic (one color) or match the color of your pants and shoes (be it heels or boots). If you’re tall with a boyish frame, you luck out with this look, as you could try a variety of materials and colors and could work some fun booties and even flare leg jeans or trousers in the mix! Don’t forget to Have Fun!

A: P.S. If you want to have even more fun, add a trendy brow to a trendy shirt…go see Ro on our ‘Outfit Your Face’ page to learn how!


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13 Discussion to this post

  1. RMP says:

    Love this! Recently ordered an oversized side zip sweater from Express. I was planning to pair it with leggings when I bought it but after reading this I will also try dressing it up with skinny leather pants & heels too. Thanks!

  2. Vanessa White says:

    Amy, this is amazing! Love the flares.. And the slit tops even more….And all of the fabulous outfits! Thank you for the tips for all shapes
    too! You are beautiful inside and out! Looking forward to your next edition!

  3. Amy, I just bought two tops with slits up the sides a few days ago! I was excited about them because they are a unique cut. I’m glad to see we’re on the same page!

  4. Loan Tran says:

    This is such a fun read! I love how you give fashion advice too 🙂 And yes, you totally pulled off that shirt!

  5. Paula Lucore says:

    I am inspired to try some new looks!

  6. Danielle Farris says:

    I love reading all of your style tips. You Rock it !!!!!!

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