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New York Fashion Week

September 20, 2015


Me with fashion designer Lela Rose!

Amy with fashion designer Lela Rose!

J: Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that your dream of attending NYFW came true and now we are able to use your experience to launch our first blog!

A: Right?! It was so much fun!

J: Did you have to pinch yourself?

A: You should see the bruises! Seriously though, Alexandra Jacobs is this incredible writer for the New York Times, she made my fashion dreams come true…allowing me to sit in on FOUR major fashion shows!

J: WHAAAT? Which ones? Did you get any free stuff?

A: I attended Jill Stuart, Tibi, Christian Siriano and Lela Rose (in that order). Jenn, Lela Rose had hundreds of tulips suspended above her catwalk…it was breathtaking! So were her dresses, but…the shoes….oh the shoes! They were so cool…juxtaposed with neutral suede straps and metallic toes!


The coveted shoe!



J: Here’s a wet wipe, might want to mop up the drool.

A: Yeah, I’m slightly obsessed!

J: For as long as I can remember…it’s been “Jennifer, you will not believe these boots…or Jenn, I found a leather jacket….” Shoes, leather jackets, shoes, leather jackets….so, did you see any awesome leather jackets that made you get that far off look in your eye that you just had when you were talking about those “juxtaposed” (WHAT?!!?) shoes?

A: Oh my goodness, Jill Stuart showed this great shiny, black cropped leather trench; and an amazing pair of suede pants in a bright burnt orange shade that should probably be mine!


Get in my closet!


 J: Ok…enough about your passions…tell me about mine…what was the free stuff in the goody bag at Jill Stuart????

A: (Laughing) Lipstick in a really cool case, Crystal Bloom perfume and Blooming Blossom Curl mascara…Score!



J: Score is right, thanks for humoring me! Sounds perhaps like the mother ship has called you home? LOL!

A: Okay, Phoebes (we could quote ‘Friends’ all day). If so, I’d die happy and well dressed (insert smiley face).

J: Yeah…how did you even know what to wear???? Drop me in the middle of NYFW and it wouldn’t be pretty…you on the other hand WEAR your clothes…how did you do it????

A: Well, first off, it’s still Summer ladies! So many people were sweating it out in head to toe fall attire…lots and lots of black. I’m hanging on to summer for dear life…so on Saturday, I wore white Rag and Bone high rise, wide flare jeans with a white tank from Express, a camel floppy hat from Old Navy, Steve Madden Suede platforms and I carried a rich brown suede bag from Michael Kors. Oh and I wore my WeWood watch (buy a watch and they plant a tree!).  On Monday I changed it up completely and went with a black and white striped shirt dress from MNG by Mango, another floppy hat from Old Navy, edgy cut-out boots by Jessica Simpson and a Vestal watch.  Mostly, I just follow my instincts and wear what makes me feel great and suits my mood that day.


Photo by M.C. O’Connor, Savvy Shooter Photography Instagram: @m.c.oconnor Twitter: @mc_oconnor



Photo by M.C. O’Connor, Savvy Shooter Photography Instagram: @m.c.oconnor Twitter: @mc_oconnor

Amy being filmed and photographed by estilodf.tv

Amy being filmed and photographed by estilodf.tv

J: You just always seem so confident, do you ever second guess yourself?

A: Absolutely.  I wanted to pull my hair back before the Jill Stuart show but, Mom and Paula (dear friend) felt it might appear too “beachy” with the camel colored hat.  Even though I felt more comfortable with it pulled back, I left it down.  After seeing the picture taken in the subway, I pulled it back!  The only real mistake leaving it down was that I didn’t feel completely comfortable/didn’t follow my own instinct. But, hey, if you don’t make mistakes in fashion (miniscule or large) you aren’t having nearly enough fun!


On The Highline


Hitchin’ a ride


9 Discussion to this post

  1. BellaBay says:

    I can’t wait to see more photos from your trip! And you were filmed and photographed?! It looks like you had an amazing time. By the way, I like your hair down.

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      It was incredible, Jaimes! You liked it better down in the white outfit with the floppy hat or just in general? Love and miss you, lady!

  2. Sara Ross says:

    I love the tips and the message. It makes me excited to try new things!!! Keep it coming girls…?

  3. Loan Tran says:

    Love love love this one! ❤️

  4. Noel says:

    Your website is gorgeous! I love the design and layout – the fonts and colors are beautiful and it is easy to navigate. I especially like the ‘A Girl Can Dream’ section. I always like seeing edgy fashion even it is way out of my budget. It inspires me to find similar and affordable pieces and make them my own. Keep it up, ladies! xoxo

    • mypurpleblazer says:

      Thank you, Noel! We’re so happy you enjoy the site and that you find it easy to navigate. We’re daydreamers, so ‘A Girl Can Dream’ tops our list, too. XO ? ?

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