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December 3, 2018

A: Okay, so we thoroughly enjoy the whole Black Friday and Christmas season shopping experience..mostly because we score sweet deals for ourselves…Lol, kidding, kind of sort of…alright not really! Sometimes though, the whole “what should I wear; I want to be comfortable, but stylish, etc.” takes up more time than necessary. Depending on the notoriously […]

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Avant What?

October 12, 2018

Jennifer:  Okay, sis!  You love fashion magazines and are inspired by them.  My question to you is this…how IN THE WORLD do you get inspiration from the Avant-Garde runway and catalog looks???  If I tried to pull off those looks I’d have about as much luck as Ross at NOT looking like doody! ? Amy: Hahaha! I […]

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Skirt On Over

September 7, 2018

Amy: So we took a little break because you left me (she moved to Tuscon y’all) and now it’s time to get to it again with regular posts! Jennifer:  DANG IT!  You found me…JUST KIDDING!  I’ve missed you, and our blogging sessions so much…if people could only see and hear what transpires during these FaceTime […]

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February 23, 2018

A: A girl can never have too many pair of jeans…well, at least not this girl! J: This coming from the girl who despised them as a child ???. A: Yes, that’s so true! Jeans that fit me properly as a kid were always high-waters. Ugh…they didn’t make them with the genius elastic adjusters in the waist like […]

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Leather, May I?

November 20, 2017

J:  So, sis I know you landed a pair of amazing Spanx leather leggings at the fall Nordstrom sale, then I’ve seen you rock them in a couple of pics that you showed me from your photo shoot with Rachel.  They.  Intimidate.  Me.  They scare me on multiple levels…1) how do I wear them without […]

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Moccasin Monday

October 9, 2017

J:  Sooooo….I couldn’t shake the Grandma Williams memories after our Expectedly Unexpected post, AND you sent me the link to the moccasins I referenced.  So, needless to say I HAD to buy them.  Shocker right?!?!?! A: Shockwaves could be felt across the nation. ? J: ?. Well, little did YOU know Mocassin Monday was in […]

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Local 618

October 1, 2017

SPECIAL EDITION A: How many times have we discussed the fact that the selection of clothing for boys is pathetic?! J: Umm…too many times to count! With Lynnden (my daughter), it’s like…oh my gosh, stop shopping! But, the selection for Levi…ugh! A: Exactly. So when a mutual friend connected me with Kelly (co-founder of Local 618, a unique […]

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Expectedly Unexpected

August 7, 2017

J: So, sis…now that I’m back to living in the land of the sun…what pieces do I need (Subtle hint…check out our Your Closet Wants page)?  And more importantly, how do I wear them without looking like every other girl? You know, I tend to be predictable, wear things the expected way.  I do feel […]

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Shop (Literally!) Talk

June 9, 2017

A: So it’s my turn to quiz you! J: Umm…not sure I signed on for this direction of questioning, lol!!! A: Trust me, this is totally your thing. I want to quiz you about your favorite past-time! J: So bargain shopping or lying in the sun? A: Fair question, but definitely bargain shopping! You score incredible deals on items, […]

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Little Black Shirt

May 21, 2017

J: So…I know that the cold shoulder and off the shoulder looks are totally on trend right now…so you snagged me this pretty little number for our news segment. I ended up loving it and you helped me realize how versatile a (to me) not so versatile looking piece can be. A: Exactly…this little black […]

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